The Wedding

Well, as you probably read in the final report that I typed up, the mushroom picking has occured and PeeWaan and her family are well on their way in the mushroom business.

For her first harvest, Pee Waan packaged over 100 bags of mushrooms that will be sold at 65 baht per bag (making her first earnings over 6500 baht). That's an incredible increase to her current salary of just about 3000 baht per month. With her new found income, she has already made an initial payment on the loan, started construction on her new home for her, her daughter and her new son-in-law; son-in-law because Pee Waan's daughter, Omichad, was recently married (see attached photo). It was a wonderful ceremony and, as you can imagine, there was much to celebrate on this wonderful occasion.

I am so thankful to have been apart of Pee Waan's life and to have been a small part of helping her improve it. She's been a diligent worker and I know that she will only continue to be a strong and active member in her community.

Thank you so much to Friends of Thailand for helping Pee Waan and her family. Money well spent indeed.

From left: the bride, Omichad; PCV Welcome Bisson, the groom; the mother, Pee Waan